Outsider Art Fair: We Are Birds

Outsider Art Fair at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan, running from March 2–5, 2023, This year’s OAF Curated Space: We Are Birds, is co-curated by Grammy Award-winning music producer and supervisor Randall Poster, and fair owner Andrew Edlin, who have been friends since childhood. In partnership with The Birdsong Project, a collaboration with some of the world’s most respected musicians, artists, poets, and actors to support and heighten awareness of bird conservation, the exhibition features works inspired by birdlife made by over forty self-taught and contemporary artists in support of The National Audubon Society.

The Birdsong Project recently released For The Birds, an art-filled, 20-LP box set containing over 200 tracks of original music and bird-related poetry by composers and performers including Yoko Ono and Anohni, Elvis Costello, Laurie Anderson, Yo-Yo Ma, Beck, and Kamasi Washington, with avian-themed verse written by poets and read by actors and artists including Tilda Swinton and Robert Pattinson. A limited number of box sets are available for purchase at the fair. 

We Are Birds artist list 
Vahakn Arslanian, Shuvinai Ashoona, Romare Bearden, Pearl Blauvelt, Ilija Bašičević, Beverly Buchanan, Greg Burak, James Castle, Jacqueline Cedar, Kashinath Chawan, Thedra Cullar Ledford, Joseph Dupré, Paul Edlin, William Edmondson, Peter Eglinton, Minnie Evans, Tony Fitzpatrick, Walton Ford, Gary Goldhill, Daniel Gonçalves, Susan Halls, Karel Havlicek, William Hawkins, Pam Lins, Andy Malone, Margaret Meehan, Stanley Mouse, Michel Nedjar, Carolyn Oberst, Paa Joe, Madelaine Peckenpaugh, Kananginak Pootoogook, Eleanor Ray, Zack Rosen, Mark Sabin, Hans Schmitt, Jon Serl, Marilyn Shaw, Janet Sobel, Olga Spiegel, Fred Tomaselli, Bill Traylor, John Tweddle, Eugene von Bruenchenhein and Domenico Zindato.


Modern Billings XI

June 24 – August 7, 2022

Margaret Meehan is a Virginia-based artist whose work is a research-based, multidisciplinary exploration that pulls from film, music, popular culture, folklore, and traditional crafts. She considers the origins of outcasts through their representation. Meehan’s research includes teratology and medicine, ornithology, the esthetics of cuteness, materiality in high and low culture as well as modes of feminist protest. This all stems from her curiosity about the lines that separate what is protected from what is feared and how gendering plays into these expectations. For MODERN BILLINGS XI, she references the Greek myth of Cassandra as a way to give voice to women and femme identified individuals in the world today.