The Work: Margaret Meehan, Mercy Mercy Me (For Greta), 2020
Location: Conduit Gallery, Dallas — Meehan’s solo exhibition After Laughter, through April 3.

To be human is to be flawed. Yet in our supposed imperfections we are complete beings, faultlessly diverse in our genetics and personal histories. Recognizing our shared humanity, despite or because of our differences, should not be dismissed as new-age blather; it is more than a facile self-help tenet to acknowledge and value our idiosyncrasies of shape and character. Margaret Meehan’s Mercy Mercy Me (For Greta) is a wonderfully effective sculpture that embodies this wisdom. It stands as a totem honoring our quirks of being while accepting the paradoxical similarity and discrepancies of our lives. 

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Conduit Gallery Opening Postponed Due to Weather

Conduit Gallery is pleased to present After Laughter, Margaret Meehan’s fourth solo exhibition with the gallery. February 27 – April 3, 2021.

Focused on new mixed media ceramic sculptures and collaged drawings, this body of work was created during the global Covid-19 pandemic, the United States’ recent political unrest and the reawakening of the Black Lives Matter movement; born from outcries against anti-black violence and systemic racism.

While these issues are not the dominant subject matter of Meehan’s work, they played an important role in her understanding of why and how to find connection in the face of social and political trauma on both a personal and global scale. After Laughter reflects on a year of isolation, personal loss, and the absurdity of tears that come suddenly from both sadness and joy. It explores themes surrounding mourning, longing, transition and hope with humorous and melancholy imagery.

Quartz Inversion

Quartz Inversion captures the work and reflections of over 60 international ceramists—what they were making and thinking—during the global Coronavirus pandemic.
QI Round Two launched in December 2020, as the ‘second wave’ of the Coronavirus was accelerating, with renewed lockdowns in the UK and parts of the US and Europe. Each Round Two artist was nominated by an artist in Round One.