The Stuff of Legends

Jim Nolan- Shirt Off My Back This Is Not A Metaphor, 2013 60×50″

The STUFF of Legends, curated by Margaret Meehan at Gray Matters Gallery in Dallas, Texas April 12- May 10th 2014. The exhibition brings together a diverse range of artists who reference mythic figures, evoking gender, fame, popular culture and politics. Using sculpture, painting, photography, works on paper and video these artists ask: how do we understand our world in an age of constantly changing, copied, pasted and linked information? Does historical context have a place in an ever-evolving present when most of what we see, hear and read is based on a subtle mix of truth, distortion and lies? The show includes the melancholy glam rock performance of Glitter Chariot; uncomfortably humorous and horrific work by both Libby Black and Lauren Woods; and sculptures by Gregory Ruppe and TJ Hunt, who reference art historical icons. All eight artists ask us to pause in the space between fact and fiction, playing on the assumed distance between collective memory, reinvention and pure imagination.
Libby Black / Glitter Chariot / TJ Hunt / Jim Nolan / Carlos Rosales Silva/
Gregory Ruppe / Samantha Scherer / Lauren Woods