Bare teeth. Grow wings.

And in Us Too the Wave Rises (detail), 2019.
Archival print and gouache on paper
13 x 11 inches / 33.0 x 28.0 cm

April 20- May 26th, 2019 at Ulterior Gallery, New York, NY

When we gather together, do we move as an unkindness of ravens or a flock of songbirds?

In Bare Teeth. Grow Wings., Meehan continues her investigation into otherness and teratology, linking feminist protest with the metaphorical invocation of another ancient species. The exhibition—consisting of ceramic and mixed-media sculptures, collages, drawings, and a zine that animates a call to arms—will invoke both the monstrosity of rage and its potential for transformation. The exhibition utilizes ornithology as a source for freedom and flight and makes use of texts or photographs that are historically and culturally charged. Gallery viewers will find feathered creatures giving the bird, an image of a gaggle of girls with exaggerated incisors, and a gnarly toothed bird hood with two protest inscribed wings sewn from a vintage pink military parachute. Filling the space a sound piece (a collaboration with David Coccagna) weaves together the calls of ravens and songbirds as well as the individual works.