semigloss. Issue 3 Succeeds in its Goal of Exploring Failure

“Glass says the magazine, intended to be a gallery in print, has evolved over the course of its first three issues. “For the first, I posted a call for submissions. I selected the second issue’s contributors based on a combination of submissions and several people that I addressed specifically to propose something. The most recent issue was more of a curatorial process, during which I made a list of artists or writers that I felt would either have interest in, or whose work already dealt with concepts or practices related to the focus of the issue in question.”

Bradly Brown of HOMECOMING! Committee serves as the magazine’s designer. His piece, “Diamond Crash,” is laid out beneath Glass’ editorial, and he said the usage of frosted vellum, a transparent paper for Margaret Meehan’s “Julia Pastrana, 1834-1860 (2013)” was “a little tricky but I think it worked out well. I think frosted vellum is a perfect representation of failure.”- Dallas Observer July 5, 2013. Read More here.