Small Works: Art + Object Glasstire Review

“Margaret Meehan offers her own reclaimed object spoof as well, though these have word play far removed from Mr. Green’s high-brow, dorm room humor. Ms. Meehan, like many of her artist colleagues here, is playing with words. By wrapping thin, branched twigs in soft pink or black leather, binding them with beads and colored thread and calling them all Libido (with various numeral assignations) she’s turned fragile little fallen branches into S and M personas, cladding something utterly benign in an armor of identities and suggestive forces. The sticks, fastened deftly to the wall to appear to grow out of it, cast shadows three layers thick around themselves, increasing their thrust, shall we say, and making them seem more beautiful, but more terrifying too. A small white fur and plaster bust beneath the branches called The Pugilist opens a toothy slit of a mouth and drops a tear from a hollow, beady eye. It’s a beaten creature.” READ MORE.